Jace Chandler

Hip Hop, Contemporary

JACE CHANDLER was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He started his dance journey at just under 18 months old and spent 17 years training in all styles of dance at Rockstar Academy of Dance, winning 17 titles in 17 years. After starting to teach at the age of 12, Jace fell in love with choreography and educating other dancers as a teacher. Jace has quickly become one of the most sought- after choreographers in Nashville. His unbeatable energy and fresh, creative approach to classic styles like Contemporary, Funk and Hip Hop has made his class a favorite amongst students around the country. As a professional, Jace’s credits include; Americas Got Talent, BTS, VEVO, MTV, Netflix and many more. In 2024, Jace is sharing his love of dance as the company director at Rockstar Academy of Dance in Nashville, while continuing his professional career, traveling as a “Titans of Dance Pro,” and teaching on multiple convention circuits inspiring dancers throughout the county. He looks forward to sharing his talents and love of dance with you!