Jazz, lyrical, contemporary, strength & conditioning & stretch

Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary and Ballet

Contemporary, Contemporary Fusion, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Movie Musical, Movement Composition

Ballet, Jazz, Commercial jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Technique, Strengthening and Flexibility, Leaps, Turns and Dance Tricks

Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Technique, Stretch/Conditioning

Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Tap, Commercial Jazz, Contemporary, Progressions, On Camera

Musical Theater, Improv, Hip Hop

Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Improv

Hip Hop, Jazz, Pom

Contemporary, lyrical, jazz, strength training, stretch and technique

Ballet, Pointe, Strength & Stretch, Lyrical, Improv, Broadway Jazz, Pilates, Ballet Progressive Technique

Hip Hop, Contemporary

Acro, Contortion, Stretch