Eva Igo

Jazz, Contemporary, Technique

Eva Igo is an actress, dancer, singer, and choreographer from Minnesota. Eva began dancing at Larkin Dance Studio at 3 years old, and competing at 5. She began winning regional and national titles at age 7, and then went on to be the runner-up of Jennifer Lopez’s hit television show, NBC’s World of Dance at 14 years old. From the exposure of the show, came the opportunity to act in Welling Films’ The Last Astronaut as the leading role. For her debut role, she won the Rising Star award at WorldFest-Houston in 2019. Continuing her acting training throughout 2020 with Geri Brown, she took classes at the Guthrie Theater (Minneapolis), The Ken Studio (NYC), Heidi Marshall Studio (NYC), and currently trains at The Last Acting Studio (LA). In 2021, Eva was cast as the leading role of Bridgett in Miller Films’ If I Could Ride, for which she has won numerous best actress awards at film festivals around the globe. As for Eva’s most recent project, Stalked by my Stepsister, she plays the lead role of Devon. A perfect daughter with a cynical darkside. Which will be available for streaming on Lifetime Movie Network this year. Other credits include The Great American Action Hero, Monstrous: Interview with a Killer, and Faerie. 

Eva continued her dancing training all while taking on acting. She was a guest judge/performer on Dance+ Five INDIA, performed on tour with World of Dance LIVE, performed at VIDCON Night of Dance, Hit the Floor CANADA,  and currently teaches and choreographs for dancers all around the country. She is on teaching faculty with numerous dance events, including Liberate Artists, Ultimate Dance Tour, and Exhale Dance Convention. 

In her rare time to herself, Eva enjoys traveling, animals, Disney World, reading, and watching numerous films.