Melissa Burton

Personal/Staff Assistant

Melissa Burton grew up dancing competitively and teaching students in Texas. She moved to California to pursue her dreams in dance where she trained under popular choreographers such as Matt Steffanina, Gmadison, and Phil Wright, etc. After years in the dance industry she found her passion for teaching women around the world to bring the art of dance to a form of worship. She launched a dance ministry called Impact Dance Ministries, where she cultivated a community around the love of God and the love of dance. She has been able to use this ministry to teach about God’s Word while also teaching girls all over the world how to dance. Another passion she has, is the business side of dance. For 4 years she helped run “Evolution Dance Studios” then transferring to Orange County and now getting the privilege to help administrate at FOCUS Dance Center. With her passion for dance and business she has found that both have been able to come together in a beautiful way to serve the industry and be a Light to dancers globally.